Convincing experience

Peter Jäcklein founded Pik-As Druckzubehör GmbH in 2003. From the very start, the range of products and services has been continuously expanded, improved, and adapted to changing market requirements.

In 2007 the daughter of Peter Jäcklein, Anita Gerhard, has joined the committed Pik-As team, contributing new ideas and personally keeping the variety of offers up to date and looking to the special needs of our customers.

Since September 2019 Anita Gerhard has taken over the management.



Professional Partners

Today we are real professionals in all the relevant fields and areas. Due to our more than fifteen years of experience in the field of labelling and more than 25 years experience in industrial coding we know exactly what our clients desire and require and what is decisive.

This is why we will never compromise a consistent blend of technical know-how, fair price-performance ratio, prompt handling with a minimum of red tape, and first and foremost the highest levels of product and processing quality. We shall be happy to assist our business partners with handling all the international formalities and worldwide shipping if they so wish.